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(This is the third and last part of 'Watching Over You'. You can find the previous ones in the comment! C: )

If you had been distracted by your first meeting with the Commander you were sure to be going crazy now after what had happened yesterday. His touch had left you wanting more and you were eager to meet him again but you had no idea on how to do that. Because for you everything seemed to be coincidences and you felt thankful for being so lucky. But the truth was, that the handsome man called Erwin made sure to cross your path at least once every day. He would make up excuses to pass by whenever you were training and you would always find him in the dininghall when it was time for all you cadets to eat.

This was not a time though for training nor for eating. This was a time for cleaning. Yup, cleaning. It was your own fault really for getting into this mess. The thought of your heated moment with the Commander made it seem just fine though... However you were starting to get sore. It's not like you were weak or anything but because you had been scrubbing and kneeling for hours and even though you were doing your absolutely best, the little Devil to Corporal had found things to complain about and forced you to do it all over again. This was your third try and you were praying that it would be your last. The sun was starting to set and the room was slowly getting darker. Soon you would lose all daylight and that would make it even harder to get this properly done. Mere candlelight wouldn't be that much of a help but it was at least pretty to look at. For a moment you paused and sat up, stretching out your back. You used the sleeve of your shirt to wipe your forehead off the thin layer of sweat.

'' What a spoiled brat. Taking a break are we? ''

You would recognize that cold and scolding voice anywhere. The little Devil! Instantly you got up on your feet, saluting him, of course.

'' Tch... ''

He didn't seem pleased at all and you felt yourself getting nervous. Why had he decided to pay you a visit now? This was the first time for several hours you had actually stopped what you were doing to take a really short brake. You hadn't even planned to take more than 5 minutes!

'' I - I'm sorry sir! I was just wiping my forehead! ''

You paused. Why was he being quiet?

'' W - What I mean, Sir, Is that I was just about to start again! You just happened - ''

You were cut off by the menacing voice of your Captain.

'' Just, Shut up! ''

You didn't need to be told twice. It was really rude though to just scream something like that right at your face. You were just trying to explain yourself to him. This wasn't the first time though. Considering all the times you had already been punished this man was probably starting to really dislike you. For several minutes there was nothing but silence. The window was opened to make it easier for you to work with all these fumes coming from all the cleaning supplies this man had so kindly lend you.

'' It doesn't matter anymore. You are excused from cleaning for today. ''

'' But I don't think I'm done yet... '' you mumbled.

'' I was told to have you escorted to the Commanders office. You will continue this tomorrow. ''

Your heart skipped a beat. Commanders... Office?

'' E - Excuse me. But why? It's pretty late....? ''

The man turned around, already on his way out of the room. He was too impatient for this kind of shit and it made it even worse that you kept asking him questions.

'' Oi shithead! Just follow me! '' he commanded.

You did as you were told and left everything where it was. It felt so good to get out of there and be able to inhale some fresh, clean air! Those fumes was surely not good to get into your lungs too often. The walk to the office where the man of your dreams were waiting felt long.. And awkward. The man escorting you there didn't utter a single word and you didn't dare to break the silence between you. You were afraid you'd get to work twice has hard tomorrow.

When you finally arrived the short, dark haired man entered the room. He didn't even bother knocking. Had you ever done something like that you would hear it for the rest of your life.

You were standing outside for a moment, waiting for permission to enter. You could hear them talk to each other and even though you couldn't hear what he was saying, that voice made your heart melt and your cheeks get warm. It felt like an eternity before you could hear a perfectly clear;

'' Enter. ''

You peeked your head inside before you nervously walked in, placing yourself infront of the desk.

'' You may leave us now, Levi. ''

The short man glared at you before walking out, closing the door behind him to leave the two of you alone. When you heard the thump of the door getting shut your nervousness grew and the lack of either of you saying anything made it feel overwhelming.

'' You wished to see me sir? '' You finally said.

'' Yes... I did. ''

The man smiled, looking up at you. You met his gaze at first but as the seconds passed by you faltered, glancing down at your feet and then around the room. The memories from when this man had been so shamelessy close to you started going through your mind and with that, your heart started beating fast... Really fast. Suddenly the other stood up, slowly walking over to you.

'' And I've told you... That it's fine to call me Erwin. '' he continued.

He stopped right infront of you and chuckled slightly, carefully cupping your chin to make you look up at him. His touch made your whole body shiver and when you were forced to look up you shut your eyes hard. This was just too much.

'' ............Erwin. '' you mumbled quietly, slowly opening your eyes to meet his. The way it made you feel just saying his name was enough to convince you that you were completely in love with this man. For a moment you let everything go and you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him close in a tight hug. Your head rested against his chest. The way his heart was beating made you feel calm. At first, he didn't seem to know what to do, slightly surprised but was happy nonetheless and his strong arms were soon around you, hugging you back. His hands were gently rubbing at your shoulder blades and down your lower back, comforting you to stay in his embrace.

'' Erwin. '' you said again. This time not as quiet and with a smile spreading across your face. You snuggled against his chest, inhaling his scent before looking up at him, those cheeks of yours turning pink, as always when being around this man or thinking about him. He smiled back at you, his right hand correcting your (h/c) hair. His smile grew wider as well when he noticed that he seemed to be the reason for your rosy cheeks and that alone would make him happy for the rest of his life. Knowing that he was the reason you looked this way. Knowing that the feeling was mutual.

'' I like you... '' you then said. Erwin blinked and for a moment he looked surprised and so were you. Confession had always seemed easy but now, after just having said something like that, it almost made you feel sick and anxious. You kept your eyes on him, waiting for him to say something and for a moment you almost wanted to tell him to hurry up and tell you already.

'' Good. '' he simply said, grinning at you.

'' Because I really like you too (first name~).. ''

And with that, before you could even say something he sealed your lips with his. They were slightly wet and moist and oh my god did it felt good! How you had waited for this moment. It was almost to the point where your eyes teared up of pure happiness. Smiling into the kiss you gently massaged his tounge with yours, making the man pull you even closer, pushing his well trained body against yours. Suddenly he broke the kiss, staring down lovingly at you.

'' You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment.. '' he smiled.
This is pretty late! Maybe some of you didn't even wait for a third and final one in this series! I felt like I had to do it now though. It's been bugging me. It feels like I can concentrate on other things now! :'D

This one is not as good as the previous ones. I am better at writing before everything lovey dovey happens! LOL... I'm sorry about that. Also. It's a little bit fluffy! I'm sorry if you don't like it!

dapodksaodkasdoks TT__________________TT

First part -->…
Second part -->…

I do not own Shingeki no Kyojin nor do I own you!
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